24 maart & 21 april – WISDOM evening: Polarity in the couple relationship I & II

Wanneer: 24/03 & 21/04
Tijd: 19:00 – 21:30
Waar: Ananda Yogacentrum
Prijs: €5/evening
Inschrijven: enroll per mail or sign up in the reception
Docent: Nucu & Winde


The sexual polarity is an expression of the nature of the relationship as well as of its power. It’s an expression of the energy that encompasses the psychic, emotional and the physical connection between them. It creates the electricity between them that excites and binds.

In order to restore passion to our intimate relationships, it is time for men and women to learn how to relax into their full feminine and masculine energy, especially during moments of intimacy. These delicious differences provide emotional and sexual attraction, enchantment, healing and passion between men and women. Without these differences there is no polarity, only two neutralized people wondering where all the passion went.


Most women are naturally more feminine than masculine, but because of stress or professional responsibilities they use predominantly masculine energy throughout the day.

Many men are naturally more masculine than feminine, but because of social pressures or childhood experiences they fear their masculine energy. These men use more feminine energy than masculine. While many men have lost touch with their masculine sense of direction, many women have lost touch with their bodies.

The feminine is very bodily oriented, very sensual and full of life force and pleasure—very alive. Yet the degree to which many women today don’t love their own bodies is profound.

In these lectures there will be also video presentations & meditations.