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26 nov. 2022


€ 10 , Inschrijven niet vereist, betaal in Ananda

Waar:Ananda Yogacentrum

In old times people used to ask the blessing of someone who they highly valued. They did it for a special moment in their lives, in the beginning of an important action or journey. It gave them support, strength and the full confidence in what is about to happen.

In our days this practice is almost forgotten. Do we need less its amazing effects, do we need less to get in contact with the Source of Life, do we have less people we value, do our egos think we can do it all on our own?

What if you could directly connect to this infinite source of bliss anytime, anywhere and bring more Grace and inspiration into your life and into the lives of your beloved ones?

We will present and practice together a simple, very precise and powerful method which can bring you relief, healing, harmony, inner peace and connection with your Heart: The Art of Blessing.

No previous knowledge is required, just come with an open mind and heart.

We advise to bring your spiritual notebook in order to take notes when necessary.

You will leave from Ananda with a powerful blessing technique in your pocket, to be used anytime and anywhere.