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9, 10, 11 & 12th of May

Start: Thursday 9th of May. 14:00

End: Sunday 12th of May. 16:00


€385/€400,  4 pers. room/ 3 pers. room 

€425, 2 pers. room

(Prices might vary slightly according to the current price rises)

Tijd:daily full program
Waar:Radhadesh Durbuy
Docent:Nucu & Winde 

This 4-days retreat will be a GIFT for yourself. We will spend a long weekend in the midst of nature, doing yoga, meditation, spending time in the forest, eating healthy vegetarian food and all of this in a group with beautiful souls.

The theme of this retreat is SOUL TOUCH & Emotional Healing. In small lectures we will be looking for answers on the following questions?

  • What is my soul and where do I find it?
  • By which actions do I come in contact with my soul?
  • How can I live more from the soul and less from the ego?
  • What emotions are preventing me to go towards the soul?
  • How can I heal that specific emotion?

By different exercises, by doing yoga and special meditations we will TOUCH the SOUL. This will make us radiant, blossoming, shining and loving.

What can you expect?

  • Daily 2 yoga sessions: one session before breakfast and one afternoon session
  • Lectures on the topic of the soul
  • Lectures on the topic of one specific emotion and how to heal subconsious traumas related to that emotion
  • Soulfull evening activities
  • Time to just ‘be
  • Time in nature
  • Delicious vegetarian meals

For whom

This retreat is open to all who are intrested. Previous yoga knowledge is not required, but an open heart and mind are asked. Beginners and advanced will be able to dive deep according to their own level.


Send an email to check the availability of rooms at info@anandayoga.be. A depostit of €100 is required to reserve your spot.

Check here the terms and conditions of payments.


Prices may be subject to (smaller) changes, as prices are rising continiously. We keep you updated

€385/€400 (in a 4-pers/3-pers. room), €425 (in a 2-pers. room) – all in

We stay in the guesthouse of Radhadesh and have our own yogaroom. All rooms have a private bathroom and can be shared with 2 or 4 people. According to the fitting in, you might sleep with only 3 in a room, or exceptionally with 5. We do our best to make a harmonious puzzle.


Nucu & Winde