Asana or body posture in yoga

asanas-or-body-postures-in-yogaEvery posture of our body says something of our inner state : straight position, large and open chest, wide open arms are showing self confidence and a  friendly welcome. The lowering of the head or shoulders, the bending of the spine or letting the arms hang loose are indicating a sad mood or loosing hope. The ancient yogis from the Orient, since 4000 years ago noticed and studied in full details the influence of the bodily postures on the mental and emotional human states. They found out that a posture, a contraction, a particular gesture, put the yogi in some sort of specific resonance with an idea, a mental state or an affective condition wich is always the same for all who is practising that position. Their high experience and sensitivity on the subtle, energetic movements allow them to establish a well structured system of bodily positions named Hatha Yoga. Practicing those postures allows everybody to amplify and awaken all the existing energies in the nature obtaining health, joy, willpower, mental power and soul revelations. Anyone is suitable : Hatha Yoga brings scientific proven effects in every perseverant attentive practitioner.

The yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru mention the following regarding the Asanas or body postures in yoga:

In yoga, ASANA is considered a simultaneous work of vibrating in unison with the infinitude, of the body, soul and mind. ASANA is a quiescent posture with a specific concentration. It is more than just a physical exercise; it is a modality of psychosomatic integration. This gentle and full of admiration closeness to the being’s mysteries is based on postural re-education and aims towards the spiritual awakening with the help of the body. He who practices it discovers inner peace and harmony, noticing at the same time that his energy and vital level grows considerably. So, an asana is a static posture that eases the subconscious mental and physical schemes’ relaxation. Such schemes trouble and even block the person’s free movement and creativity. Unconscious and restrictive, they often develop as answers to accidents, diseases, shocks, emotional traumas due to daily life stress, worries, responsibilities, unsatisfaction and sadness. They manifest as tension, holding back, rigidity or stiffness, pain or function limitation. In a static posture, suggesting the body tissues, by an adequate concentration, a new way of being and feeling, easier and freer, the mind transmits messages to the reception system that responds by relaxation, energy and well-being. Thus, we feel mind and emotions loosen together with the body. Assiduous practice with a proper awareness of the yoga special postures, known as Asana, triggers multiple resonance phenomena with different subtle vibration levels or Universe’s energy focal points.

The prevalent more and more felt effects (or Yoga-attitudes) are:

  • Equilibrium
  • Self confidence
  • More energy
  • Resistance to stress and tiredness
  • A relaxing sensation of calm well-being
  • Fast regeneration
  • A better rest due to complete plug off
  • Creativity and concentration
  • Accumulation of energy
  • Physical and psychic re-harmonization