The power of colors

rainbow-wallpaper-002All what we can see is made in colors and the colors are one of the important criteria for our choices. The nature is decorating it´s creation in colors and proportions according to an intrinsic harmony and that makes us feel inspired to experience it´s diversity. When we buy clothes for ourselves as well when we offer flowers to someone we love, we instinctively use the language of colors. We are continuously improving and adapting our taste in colors according to the “fashion”. We feel different when we wear another color or if we paint our hair – then especially those who see us will notice that we changed; our room is not the same if we change the color of the walls and the same car looks different in another color.
These are just few of the many moments we interfere with colors and being influenced by them. For this reason it is useful to know the mysterious influences that colors have upon ourselves
Warm colours – cold colours

From the bright red of a ripe apple, to the deep blue of the clear sky, a large array of colouristic nuances suggest the closeness and distance, the intensity and relaxation.

Warm: Red
Utmost warm, red is stimulating, it stirs the flame of passion, makes us feel stronger and filled with force. When predominant in a room, it gives the feeling of condensation and stimulation and makes the room look smaller.

Cold: Blue: Sort of complementary to red, at the cold extreme, blue is profoundly relaxing and calming, it awakens the desire for introversion and enhances affectivity inside of us. When blue is predominant in a room, it confers the feeling of spaciousness, through which we subjectively perceive that the room as bigger.

Warm: Orange and yellow
Orange and yellow are also warm, but more temperate in their stimulating effect. Orange is by excellence an anti-depressive colour and triggers the good spirits; as for yellow, it stimulates the rational thinking and it is an excellent mental stimulant.

Cold: Turquoise and violet
Along with blue, also cooling are turquoise and violet. Turquoise is soothing, purifying and refreshing, while violet awakens hope, reactivates the sense of valor and makes us aware of the
spiritual dimension of life.

The healing power of colours
Each colour has its own healing power over the human being. Whether we choose to borrow the beneficial effect of a certain colour by wearing cloths in that colour, or we choose to live in a room painted a certain colour, or we may choose a coloured light in the room by means of a coloured bulb, we shall always feel at the same time the healing effect of colours.

Red is a powerful activator and is an excellent remedial for states like lack of power, states of weakness and also useful in cases of low blood pressure.

Orange provides a motivating enthusiasm, awakens the interior Joy and has a powerful effect of invigoration over the psyche. It is also a very powerful aphrodisiac remedy.

Yellow is a very powerful stimulant of intelligence. It has a healing power in case of rheumatism, arthritis and also helps to strengthen the bones structure.

Green is the colour of harmony, equilibrium and neutrality. Green has a powerful healing power in many cases of disease, from headaches to cancer.

Source: The mysterious influences of colours over human beings
by Andrei Gamulea, AYURVEDA teacher /the-mysterious- influences-of- colours-over- human-beings/