Tantra yoga

De nieuwe wekelijkse tantrales start opnieuw in 2019. Je kunt nu deelnemen aan ‘Start to Tantra‘, een module van 6 workshops.

The new weekly tantra course starts again in 2019. You can already now participate to ‘Start to Tantra‘, a module of 6 workshops.

What is Tantra?

Tantra is a lifestyle that encompasses everything. How we walk, how we talk, how we eat, how we breath, how we sleep and how we love. Everything is connected.

Tantra is a celebration of life, where we gradually abandon any kind of ‘celibacy’ in our t3life. Instead of contracting and rejecting when life gets ‘too much’, we seek to embrace in deep felt openness and awareness on the “here and now”, no matter what is happening, or how it is happening.

It is an active admiration of life and nature, where no aspect is declined: inner or outer aspects, joy, sorrow, laughter, crying, anger, intimacy, trust, doubt, shadow and light. Tantra is neither repression nor promiscuity since each of them is the vector of the other. It is what is, and to experience what ‘is’ in full awareness.

Tantra is an invitation to discover the sacred dimension of your erotic life and to let the body, heart and consciousness vibrate in unison. It is to discover life as a whole and to unveil the divine spark within all human beings. By a special use of all our senses, our sensuality, our mind and spirit we can reach mystic experiences. Thus in Tantra the erotic play becomes powerful, effervescent and sacred. t2

In essence Tantra is not technique, but love; a prayer; a relaxation into the heart to the point, where a space is generated. It is the art of experiencing intensely every moment in your life.
Our very passions and desires versus our power to become conscious and lucid are the dynamics of Tantra. As Guhyasamaja Tantra mentions, “no one can achieve Liberation only through difficult and tormenting practices; yet Liberation may be achieved through conscious satisfaction of desires.”t7

The Tantra Course is a systematic and in-depth course that gradually takes you deeper into the mysteries of Tantra. The techniques and theory which you get during the course are very effective and are based on the ancient secret tantric teachings adapted to modern times. The Tantric teachings are explained on a grounded and often playful way, but also integrates knowledge from modern science.

The structure of the Tantra Intensive Course
We meet once a week for about 2 – 2½ hours. Each course includes theory and practice where we do the techniques we have learned so far. The techniques we practice in a group does not contain any form of erotic practices, all erotic exercises are homework. The techniques that we receive in the course starts with the classical yoga techniques, which means that you learn at a basic level the Tantric perspective, and from there gradually developed other methods. The course integrates also some playful group exercises that help one to awaken the heart, overcoming internal barriers and transform.


The course starts with Tantra level 1 which consists of 7 modules. Each module consists of 6-7 weekly classes, thus Tantra Level 1 lasts around 12 months.

Module 1: Core teachings & basic tantric practices
Mapping the human energetic system, subtle anatomy and energy work
Power of polarity, Shiva/Shakti, understanding femininity and masculinity
The law of attraction based on resonance & other tantric principles

Module 2: Vital life force & the root spine chakra
Asanas, techniques & meditations for activating Muladhara chakra
Importance of vitality, grounding, stability, latent potential – Kundalini Shakti
Predominant level of consciousness, inner attitudes & limitations

Module 3: Sexuality & the sacral plexus
Asanas, techniques & meditations for activating Svadhistana chakra
Importance of sexual continence, creativity, imagination, intense pleasure P1090763
Tantric eroticism, multiorgasmic man/woman, transmutation & sublimation

Module 4: Personal performance, will power & conscious self-development                                     
Asanas, techniques & meditations for activating Manipura chakra
Importance of inner alchemy, sublime fire, self confidence, conscious effort
Tantric morality, Yama/Niyamas, principle of ego, healthy lifestyle & diet

Module 5: Heart based living, emotional balance & the cardio plexus
Asanas, techniques & meditations for activating Anahata chakra
Importance of active love, empathy, acceptance, humbleness, generosity
Living from the heart on the spiritual path, tantric couple relationships

Module 6: Intuition, memory & higher perceptions
Asanas, techniques & meditations for activating Vishuddha chakra
Importance of the sense of mystery, intuitive intelligence, art, inspiration
Esoteric elements about vibrations, subtle sound – mantras, Akasha Tattva

Module 7: Mental power, meditation & the third eyemeditation
Asanas, techniques & meditations for activating Ajna chakra
Importance of lucidity, discernment, clarity, memory, focus, mental hygiene
Meditation & Laya Yoga, creative visualization, principles of mental control

Who can participate?
All who are curious! You can come alone or with your partner. This course is a journey of self-development and therefore do not require you to be in a relationship. You need no prior knowledge of tantra, or spirituality, just an open mind and willingness to learn about life’s transformative power!

What should you consider?
Please come in soft, comfortable clothing, and on an empty stomach, as we often do yoga exercises that require you to feel comfortable and relaxed. We have yoga mats and blankets.