Esoteric Tantra yoga

At Ananda we offer a year course of Esoteric Tantra Yoga, an extensive and in-depth course that gradually takes you deeper into the mysteries of Tantra. The techniques and theory which you get during the course are very effective and are based on the ancient secret tantric teachings adapted to modern times. The Tantric teachings are explained in a grounded and often playful way, but also integrate knowledge from modern science.

The structure of the Esoteric Tantra Yoga Course

This course is structured in modules, starting in September and ending in June.

Each module consists of 2 sessions  of about 4h30 in such a way that we can have homework & feedback in order to deepen every level. For each module you will receive printed  course material in Dutch or English.

Each course includes theory explained and structured in a PowerPoint and practice in which we practice the techniques we have learned so far. The group techniques do not contain any form of erotic practices. The techniques given in the course start with the classical yoga techniques, which means that you learn at a basic level the Tantric perspective, and from there we gradually develop other methods. The course integrates also some playful group exercises that help one to awaken the heart, to overcome internal barriers and to transform.

How to enroll?

All Tantra modules are on Saturdays from 9:30 till 14:00. You can opt to enroll for the entire year course for a reduced price or you can choose to follow them separate and pay per module.

If you pay for all seven modules:

  • 510€/370€ (student -26 y, 65+)
  • 370€/300€ (student -26 y, 65+) – price valid for hatha yoga students in Ananda 

If you pay per module:

  • 80€/60€ (student -26 y, 65+)
  • 60€/50€ (student -26 y, 65+) – price valid for hatha yoga students in Ananda 

If you are not fully sure to enroll for all, you can first enroll for Module 1 and decide in the end of that module. The reduction will be valid till the 10th of October.

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Curriculum of the course, details per module

Module: Core teachings & basic tantric practices

  • What is Tantra? Tools & principles.
  • The law of attraction based on resonance & other tantric principles
  • Yoga practice
  • Mapping the human energetic system, subtle anatomy – Koshas & Chakras
  • Energy work; exercises to experience the “chakras”.
  • Power of polarity, Shiva/Shakti, understanding femininity and masculinity
  • Meditation: Transfiguration Shiva-Sakty

When:   1-st session on Saturday 25/09 from 9:30 & 2-nd session on Saturday 09/10 from 9:30

Module: Vital life force & the root spine chakra

  • Presentation of Muladhara chakra
  • Asanas, techniques & meditations for activating Muladhara chakra
  • Importance of vitality, grounding, stability, latent potential – Kundalini Shakti
  • Predominant level of consciousness, inner attitudes & limitations – the power of unison, courage vs paranoia
  • Behavioral characteristics of the human being mainly active at the level of Muladhara Chakra

When:1-st session on Saturday 23/10 from 9:30 & 2-nd session on Saturday 13/11 from 9:30

Module: Sexuality & the sacral plexus

  • Presentation Swadhisthana Chakra
  • The principle of pleasure
  • Imagination and creativity
  • Asanas, techniques & meditations for activating Svadhistana chakra
  • The creative potential and spiritual life
  • The magic triangle and the control of sexual energy ; the importance of sexual continence
  • Consecration – aligning our individual will with the Universal Will
  • Tantric eroticism, multiorgasmic man/woman, transmutation & sublimation

When:1-st session on Saturday 27/11 from 9:30 & 2-nd session on Saturday 18/12 from 9:30

Module: Personal performance, will power & conscious self-development 

  • Presentation Manipura Chakra
  • The principle of the ego; the Law of occult offering
  • The Will power,
  • Discipline & Freedom
  • Self-confidence & Dignity
  • Asanas, techniques & meditations for activating Manipura chakra
  • Power, the driving force; Secret information about power ,
  • Psychology at the level of Manipura Chakra, Self-esteem, Humour
  • Importance of Inner alchemy, sublime fire, Self confidence, conscious effort
  • Tantric morality, Yama/Niyamas, , healthy lifestyle & diet

When:1-st session on Saturday 22/01 from 9:30 & 2-nd session on Saturday 12/02 from 9:30

Module: Heart based living, emotional balance & the cardio plexus

  • The symbolism of the power centre Anahata chakra
  • The activity at the subtle level of Anahata chakra.
  • Influence of Anahata chakra in the physical body
  • Asanas, techniques & meditations for activating Anahata chakra
  • The breathing
  • The importance of love on the spiritual path
  • Radiant Love
  • Healing through love
  • The power of Forgiveness
  • Empathy, compassion, humbleness, generosity
  • Living from the heart on the spiritual path, Jivatman
  • Tantric couple relationships
  • Love – the supreme morality

When:1-st session on Saturday 12/03 from 9:30 & 2-nd session on Saturday 26/03 from 9:30

Module: Intuition, memory & higher perceptions 

  • Presentation Vishuddha chakra ; specific energy: purity of elements
  • Asanas, techniques & meditations for activating Vishuddha chakra
  • Esoteric elements about vibrations, subtle sound – mantras, Akasha Tattva
  • Mantra, Yantra and Mudra.
  • Communication. power of language
  • Intuition
  • The psychology specific to this power centre – Innocence & Purity
  • The spiritual power of silence
  • Importance of the sense of mystery, intuitive intelligence, art, inspiration

When:1-st session on Saturday 23/04 from 9:30 & 2-nd session on Saturday 07/05 from 9:30 

Module: Mental power, meditation & the third eye

  • The activity of the power centre Ajna chakra reflected at the physical, psychological and mental level
  • The mind, a double-edged sword
  • Asanas, techniques & meditations for activating Ajna chakra
  • The inferior mind, manas
  • The power of the subconscious
  • Shambavi Mudra
  • Importance of lucidity, discernment, clarity, memory, focus, mental hygiene
  • The principle of effortless control. The state of beatific mental void
  • Karmic bondages
  • Meditation- the most powerful tool to train and transform the mind
  • Creative visualization, principles of mental control
  • The harmonious activation of the mental command centre and the polar imbalances at this level
  • The power of thought and the way in which the consciousness can influence matter

When:1-st session on Saturday 04/06 from 9:30 & 2-nd session on Saturday 18/06 from 9:30

Who can participate?

All who are curious! You can come alone or with your partner. This course is a journey of self-development and therefore do not require you to be in a relationship. You need no prior knowledge of tantra, or spirituality, just an open mind and willingness to learn about life’s transformative power!

Your teacher

Our senior teacher Nucu will teach and guide you through these modules.

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