1 december 2019: The secrets of kundalini

Wanneer: 1 december 2019
Tijd: 10u – 14u
Waar: Ananda Yogacentrum
Prijs: €30
Inschrijven: Per mail of aan de balie
Docent: Cami

The Secrets of Kundalini Shakti – The Endless Colossal Fundamental Energy In Our Being

This workshop is a combination of some theoretical aspects and a specific yoga practice for awakening kundalini shakti.

Kundalini Shakti – or coiled snake that “sleeps” at the base of the spine –  is a universal energy which is unthinkably big! Whether or not following a spiritual path, we can talk about Kundalini Shakti awakening when our being feels the first intense waves of energy doubled by an awakening of the consciousness.

The majority of the yogis associate the ascending of Kundalini Shakti with awakening of the consciousness or the revealing of the Supreme Self.

To study about Kundalini Shakti is actually studying about our energies and thus learning how to awaken, how to control, how to ascend our energies till reaching the perfect awakening of our Consciousness, the revelation of who we truly are.

The effort to lead Kundalini Shakti in the superior planes is similar to forcing a mountain stream to go back to its source which is often higher up, but all this effort has to be done when the human being aspires to a spiritual life and awakening at the level of consciousness.

How to enroll?

Send an email to info@anandayoga.be to check the availability of places.

Please come in yoga clothes and bring a small lunch bite.