12 oktober 2019 – Wisdom evening: The divine atrribute ‘hope’

Wanneer: 12 oktober 2019
Tijd: 19u – 21u
Waar: Ananda Yogacentrum
Prijs: €5 Ananda leden/€8 niet-leden
Inschrijven: Per mail of aan de balie
Docent: Kaya

During our Wisdom evenings we aim to inspire you with universal wisdom coming from various traditions, religions or spiritual paths. Theory and practice will be harmoniously combined.

In this Wisdom evening it’s all about the Divine Attribute of ‘Hope’

The purpose of existence of every spiritual being is to discover the unlimited consciousness and reach the state of spiritual perfection.

A yogi or any conscious being must permanently seek to transcend the ego and to eliminate inferior resonances such as pride, selfishness, laziness, anger, despair… just to name a few.

What seems almost impossible, becomes possible if you just know how! By focusing on the opposite qualities you will be able to remove the low resonances and to amplify the high resonances. In this way humbleness will help us overcome pride, altruism will help us overcome selfishness, deep peace will help us overcome anger etc.

In the Bhagavad Gita these are called the divine qualities, virtues or attributes and only a few are mentioned: love, compassion, generosity, will, continence, patience, humbleness , honesty, purity, …

During this Wisdom evening we take a deeper look upon the divine attribute of Hope.

Kaya is a friend of us and a passionate yoga teacher who has practised yoga for 27 years. She has discovered that, just as darkness is dispelled best by switching a light on, ignorance and unhappiness can be switched off and vanish when you focus on deepening positive resonances with universal values such as: tolerance, compassion, love, humbleness, happiness, wisdom. These resonances helped her greatly in her spiritual journey towards becoming an accomplished yogini by removing the limitations of ego. She is very keen to share her experience with us in Ananda. Let’s share unforgettable steps on the spiritual path!

How to enroll? Send an email to info@anandayoga to check availabilty of places.

Please bring a notebook.