14 april 2019 – 6 Shakticircles: Celebrating the feminine soul – Ritual

Wanneer: 14/04/2019
Tijd: 10u-13u
Waar: Ananda Yogacentrum
Prijs: € – not possible to join at this point
Inschrijven: ruxandra@anandayoga.be
Docent: Ruxandra
comp-picSix women circles around the five elements and how to integrate them in our daily life.

In a warm, heart opening and cozy atmosphere we will let our femininity bloom, grow, and shine even more. In the spirit of sisterhood, of deep bound between feminine souls, we will share our qualities and our vision as women, supporting and inspiring each other.

The Cosmic Mother (The Goddess, The Spirit of Life, Maha Shakti) manifests herself in an unique way in every woman. Let’s discover new facets of the Eternal Feminine Nature, enriching our hearts.

We meet +/- every 2nd Sunday, from 10AM to 1PM, as follows:

1st circle: 27/01/19, 10AM- The Godess in you. The Earth: Connect to your roots. 
2nd circle: 10/02/19, 10AM: The Water: Sensuality versus sexuality. The mysterious power of a smile.
3rd circle: 03/03/19, 10AM: The Fire: Awaken your inner fire. The power of saying “No”.
4th circle: 17/03/19, 5PM: The Air: Healing your body and soul through (self-) forgiveness.
5th circle: 31/03/19, 10AM: The Ether: The second nature of women: creative intuition.
6th circle: 14/04/19, 10AM: Celebrating the Feminine Soul – Ritual.

We will approach those themes using:5730482464_img_0098

related theoretical notions, interactive games, photo and video materials, music meditations, techniques of (self)transfiguration, power ideas, rituals, invocations, etc.

Each workshop has two parts, separated by a small tea break, giving us the opportunity to connect and get to know each other even better.

Price: At this point it is not possible anymore to join.

The workshops are to be attended as a package as they are building up different aspects related to the five elements. Yoga pre-knowledge is not required.

It is advised to bring a diary or a beautiful little notebook in which you can write down experiences, thoughts, inspirations.