14 mei 2022 – Sacred cacao ceremony – A journey to your heart

Wanneer: 14 mei 2022
Tijd: 19u – 22u
Waar: Ananda Yogacentrum
Prijs: €25(Anandaleden)/€30 (niet-leden)
Inschrijven: info@anandayoga.be
Docent: Angelonel

Cacao is used for centuries as an elixir and ceremonial medicine.
Due to certain active ingredients, cacao helps the opening of the heart chakra, a better connection to emotions and it triggers an euphoric state.
We invite you for a journey of letting go and forgiveness, creating more space for the energy of love to flow.
In this magical evening we will deepen the connection with our hearts with the means of:

  • special techniques and invocations;
  • ceremonial cacao drinking;
  • music meditation of connection with our deepest Self.

Let’s enjoy together this heartwarming evening in a cozy, relaxed
and soul elevating atmosphere.