05 April 2020 – Shakticircle: Be your best friend (3)

Wanneer: 05/4
Tijd:  17u-20u
Waar: Ananda Yogacentrum
Prijs: €125
Inschrijven: ruxandra@anandayoga.be
Docent: Ruxandra
Motto: “The combination of healthy habits and spontaneity are one of the keys to a fulfilling life.”

For our best friends and for people that mean a lot in our lives we are willing to open up our hearts, to give of our time, love, energy and care, to listen to their  dreams, to count on their understanding, advice and support when we need it… Are we doing the same for ourselves? Are we our best friends?

After all you are the only one you’ll spend your entire life with!

We might need a lifetime to figure out the way to harmony, unless we wisely choose to learn from others as well. How? By listening with an open heart and mind and by sharing with generosity in our turn. Women have a special gift for that. Let’s use it!

We will have 5 interactive evenings in which we will approach how to:

  • get to know your body, listen to its needs and give it the importance and care it deserves;
  • make time for yourself and what makes you happy;
  • make your daily life lighter and fulfilling with simple and efficient modalities;
  • consciously create healthy habits;
  • let go of what is making life unnecessarily complicated;
  • and more…

We will use the help of related theoretical notions, interactive games, photo and video materials, music meditations, techniques of (self)transfiguration, power ideas, rituals, invocations, etc.

Each workshop contains a part of theoretical knowledge, practical exercises and tea time, giving us the opportunity to connect, get to know each other and feel warm and cozy in a relaxed and feminine environment.

We meet up for 5 circles:

1st circle:  23.02.2020

2nd circle: 15.03.2020

3rd circle: 5.04.2020

4th circle:  26.04.2020

5th circle:  10.05.2020

The workshops are to be attended as a package. No previous knowledge is required.

Price: 125€ for the package of 5 circles. Please check availability and info at ruxandra@anandayoga.be. Your registration is confirmed by an advance of €25.

It is advised to bring a diary or a beautiful little notebook in which you can write down experiences, thoughts, inspirations.