postponed – The Enneagram-mapping the human consciousness – 4days Yoga Retreat

Wanneer: 21-24 mei 2020
Tijd: Thursday 1PM
Waar: Radhadesh Durbuy
Prijs: €350/€390
Docent:  Nucu&Winde
(De retreat wordt in het Engels gehouden.)

All wisdom begins by knowing yourself

The enneagram system is one of the oldest known spiritual traditions. The word ‘enneagram’ derives from the greek ennea (“nine”) and gramma (“something written or drawn”) and refers to nine fundamental ways in which human beings feel, think and behave – in other words to nine human typologies.

Although often considered as just one of the psychological frameworks built to describe the human behavior, the enneagram can offer a complete path for achieving self-realization. Build as a dynamic system which studies the connections between personality and spiritual transformation, the enneagram proves to be an extraordinary tool for discovering emotional and thinking patterns which can hide from us the present moment and limit or even block the life force flowing through us.

In this workshop we will explore deeper layers of complexity of the enneagram system  which address the work to overcome our vulnerabilities as well the communication & relationships  with other human typologies.

The participation to our previous Enneagram retreat it is not required.  

The workshop will offer you:

  •  keys to identify the enneagram type together with its specific influences coming from other types
  • modalities to improve communication with other human beings and we will pay special attention to the specific interactions which appear in love relationships.
  • specific methods which can help us transcend our vulnerabilities and thus speed up the process of spiritual evolution

The retreat will include

  • daily lectures & meditations
  • 2 hatha yoga sessions/day
  • specific techniques
  • movies
  • time in nature

We invite you all to experience wonderful moments with wonderful people in wonderful places.

The workshop will be conducted by our guest teachers:

Chloe Hünefeld

ChloeBorn in 1976, is a naturopath and walked the traditional yoga paths since 1995. She is trained in alternative medicine and psychology. She follows her yoga training continuously at  Natha yoga school (Copenhagen) .

Her classes can be attained regularly in Germany in Berlin and Hamburg and occasionally in other European countries. Along with traditional Tantra Yoga classes Chloe teaches Intensive Tantra and Ayurveda. Furthermore she gives lessons in “Kashmir Shaivism” as well as various seminars and retreats as the “Erotic Tantra Retreat”, “The Archetypes of the Soul” and others.

Doru Bodea

Doru-BodeaDr. Phys. Doru Bodea was born in 1971 in Romania and has taught physics at the University of Cluj (Romania) and of Bordeaux (France). Afterwards he researched in Quantum field theory at the Max Planck Institute in Dresden. Since 1999 he teaches tantra Yoga in Romania, France, Germany and Finnland.

Besides the traditional yoga paths he teaches the Intensive Tantra course and is specialized in “Tantric alchemy”, where he combines his deep insights in the tantra of the east and the west with his love for Christianity, modern physics and the human consciousness.


Prices all-in (accommodation, vegetarian meals, teachings):

  • €350 in a 4-5pers./sleeping room
  • €390 in a double sleeping room (restricted to a few rooms!)

Send an email to to check the availability of your room choice. After confirmation you pay €50 as a deposit on our account and the rest will be paid cash upon arrival in Durbuy.

Start retreat: Thursday the 21-st of May at  1PM

Finish retreat: Sunday the 24-th of May at 4PM

Address: Château de Petite Somme, Petite Somme 5, 6940 Septon-Durbuy, België