28 april 2019 – Awakening Vira: Awakening Masculinity (lecture)

Wanneer: Sunday 28/4
Tijd: 17h (~3h)
Waar: Ananda Yogacentrum
Prijs: 20€
Inschrijven: info@anandayoga.be/reception
Docent: Nucu


We invite you to “Awakening Vira”, a trilogy of video lectures & seminaries about masculine fundamental values that need attention in our lives, not only from a philosophical but a more practical point of view .

Lecture 3 – 28/4 at 5PM: Awakening Masculinity

In this lecture Advaita speaks about virility as being the characteristic of masculinity. And this represents for men one of the most fertile domain of challenges in life. Things may look OK until intimacy appears on our radar and we realize that it is difficult to find “sources” for significant knowledge in this direction. It is true that we got to know more about developing our masculine personality but too often what we do concerning intimacy and eroticism is still sabotaging our virility.

Advaita will present:

-The basics of becoming a virile lover

-The secret of controlling the erotic energy and regaining the power of the man

-“Mechanisms” that every man should know in bed

-Practical tips and exercises for getting started to become the perfect lover


Seminar 3 on Sunday 19.05 from 17.00 (~4h):
Awakening Masculinity Training Day

What men are saying about lectures from the Awakening Trilogy Lectures:

“Absolutely, packed with helpful ideas regarding being a man.”

“This is an interesting opportunity to learn something about male reality, what your fathers might didn’t know about or how to pass on.” 

“If you as a man are searching for a way to connect to your true authenticity and power… this is it!”

The Speaker

avaAdvaita Stoian is a researcher, physicist, scientist, and pioneer in combining modern science with esoteric knowledge and techniques. Advaita’s international lectures on topics surrounding human consciousness are avidly attended by audiences of all kinds interested in discovering the full potential of the human being. His depth and breadth of knowledge and experience make his lectures a unique opportunity to learn from him closely the mechanisms of consciousness and how to use that knowledge to create the life you were born to live.

Advaita has been studying the tantra’s approach to evolution for more than 27 years. He will present some fundamental tantric notions about the man’s role in life, common errors we men make today in erotic life and  the training to approach for becoming a virile lover. But more than this Advaita will share the profound spiritual view tantra offers on sexuality and the great significance it has in our lives as men.