Tantra Workshops

 What is Tantra?

‘Tantra’ is the way to expand the consciousness from our current view to a much more comprehensive view of our true potential and how we fit into the world around us. On the Tantric path, we learn to love more and to embrace fully and consciously our journey in this existence.

Essentially Tantra is a way of accepting life as an intelligent flow which can take us wherever we should be – if we allow it. This requires becoming aware of that flow and then consciously relaxing into it, not always as simple as it might first sound! But by working steadily, with perseverance, and gradually overcoming our inhibitions and limited perspectives, the possibilities become endless and supremely beautiful.

In it’s essence Tantra is  love, a prayer, a relaxation into the heart, to the point where a space is generated, in which the man and the woman merge with each other. It is the art of experiencing intensely every moment in your life.

The workshops will take place on Saturdays from  17:00 to 21:30 as follows:

Workshop 1 – Polarity in Tantra: 9/11/2019

  • Everything has its pair of opposites; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree”
  •  How does polarity reflects in our life & How to polarize your life-your state, your emotions & your sensations; the polarity contraction-relaxation
  • The feminine & masculine game of polarity; identification with the polar opposite

Workshop 2 – From desire to love : 8/02/2020

  • Understanding sexual desire, passion, eros & love
  • Sexual excitement & erotic excitement         
  • Masculine & feminine – understanding the other one’s patterns & expectations
  • Active love & conscious touch

Workshop 3 – The Couple relationship: 14/03/2020

  • Life is a journey full of experiences which you can make either alone or not… But in the couple, the spiritual transformations are much faster and more efficient. The Tantric meaning of a couple relationship
  • The hormonal impact on couple relationship
  • Troubles & “ingredients” for a happy couple relationship

Workshop 4 – The Heart in Tantra: 16/05/2020

  • At the heart of any spiritual celebration is always the spirit. It is the spiritual heart connection, which truly makes us feel connected. The body, its senses and magnificent aliveness of vibrant energies are offering us a great variety of possibilities to connect with each other and with ourselves, to offer loving presence and to experience love
  • Overcoming the ego
  • Living from the soul
  • Revelation of the Self
  • Centering into the Heart & the intuitive knowledge of the Heart

What to expect during the workshops?

• Inspiring lectures based on wisdom aiming to bring awareness and light to our experiences
• Experiences with creative and interactive exercises for awakening the senses, our energies & consciousness
• Yoga & different forms of meditation practice

Who can participate?
All who are curious!  You can come alone or with your partner. These workshops are about self-development and therefore do not require you to be in a relationship. You need no prior knowledge of tantra, or spirituality, just an open mind and willingness to learn about life’s transformative power!

What should you consider?
Please come in soft, comfortable clothing,  as we often do yoga exercises that require you to feel comfortable and relaxed. We have yoga mats and blankets,  just bring a towel that you can place over the mat.

Hosted by our experienced teachers  Nucu & Winde, who have studied Tantra Yoga internationally for more than a decade.

Price/ workshop :
50€/2×45€ (for couples) 

Write an email or register at the desk. Your registration is confirmed by payment of the module or session. Contact us for payment details.