31st Oct.- 3rd Nov. 2019 – ESOTERIC BARDO – 4 days yoga retreat

Wanneer: 31/10 – 03/11 2019
Tijd: Thursday 2PM
Waar: Radhadesh Durbuy
Prijs: €340/€390
Inschrijven: info@anandayoga.be
Docent: Adinathananda, Nucu&Winde

(De retreat wordt in het Engels gehouden.)

In this retreat  will be presented an enlightening approach on the mystery of attaining the state of divine ecstasy and the spiritual liberation  by integrating the “intermediary states” – Bardo. An inspiring, life transforming workshop based on lectures, initiations, meditations and the practice of various  esoteric techniques.


The workshops are based on a modern synthesis of a multitude of traditional revelations about the mysteries of life and death and includes multiple very efficient spiritual practices and techniques. Among the numerous topics and techniques that you will be initiated into, we mention:

•           The phases and stages of our condition in the subtle realms or spheres of existence

•           The secret wisdom about what happens during the process of death and what comes after that

•           The initiation in Bardo Thödol, the centuries-practiced Tibetan spiritual manual

•           The training on how to pass through the passage of death in a spiritual manner, in order to obtain the state of enlightenment, and to help or guide others to do the same

•           The yogic cultivation and fulfilment of ‘intermediary’ (Bardo) states, using methods both from Indian and Tibetan Yoga

•           The attaining of the transfer of consciousness (PHOWA) at will

•           Powerful techniques of spiritual awakening

•  Additionally, will be presented in a practical manner some very important modern discoveries regarding the conscious transfer into higher states of consciousness.

Our guest teacher:

Nicolae C

Adinathananda has been practicing and teaching Yoga and Tantra for over 30 years. He is founder of the only in-depth Kashmir Shaivism course outside of India that has been ongoing for over 20 years and with thousands of participants throughout Europe.
Adinathananda has a background in a variety of traditional Yoga paths, the alchemy of East and West and the anatomy of the soul in different traditions (to name a few). He has written several books on Shaivism, Yoga, Tantra, spiritual art and more, and translated some of the rare Sanskrit texts such as Saundaryalahari, Shiva Samhita and Gheranda Samhita. He is travelling in Europe & Asia to keep workshops and retreats upon these different topics.

Daily program of the retreat:

Thursday 31st October
14:00 – 14.50: Opening, Meditation for integration, Presentation of the retreat
15.15 – 18.30: Program ESOTERIC BARDO
18.30 – 20:00: Dinner
20:00 – 22:00: Evening program-Satsang

Friday 1st November + Saturday 2nd November

08:00-09:10: Hatha yoga
09:10-10:00: Breakfast
10:10-12:30: Program ESOTERIC BARDO
12:30-15:30: Lunch break
15:30-16:30: Hatha yoga
16:30-18:30: Program ESOTERIC BARDO
18:30-20:00: Dinner break
20:00-22:00: Evening program- Satsang

Sundday 3rd November

08:00-09:10: Hatha yoga
09:10-10:00: Breakfast
10:10-12:30: Program ESOTERIC BARDO
12:30-14:30: Lunch break
14:30-16:00: Conclusions and closing meditation


Prices all-in (accomodation, vegetarian meals, teachings):

  • €340 in a 4-5pers./sleepingroom
  • €390 in a double sleepingroom (restricted to a few rooms!)

Send an email to info@anandayoga to check the availability of your room choice. After confirmation you pay €50 as a deposit on our account and the rest will be paid cash upon arrival in Durbuy.

Start retreat: Thursday 31st October at  2PM

Finish retreat: Sunday 3rd November at 4PM

Address: Château de Petite Somme, Petite Somme 5, 6940 Septon-Durbuy, België