25-28 mei- 4-daagse Mind&Heart

Wanneer: 25th May – 28th May 2017
Tijd: thursday 14u – Sunday 16u
Waar: Radhadesh Durbuy
Prijs: €300/€350
Inschrijven: info@anandayoga.be
Docent: Nucu&Winde
4-daagse Yoga retraite – Mind&Heart


Should I listen to my heart or should I follow my mind? Each of us knows this classical dilemma of not knowing what to do. The heart says something, but the mind knows so many different reasons why to do the opposite!

Osho definied it beautifully in the following quote:

The head is simply an accumulator. It is always old, it is never new, it is never original. It is good for certain purposes: for filing it is perfectly good and in life one needs this – many things have to be remembered. The mind, the head, is a bio-computer. You can go on accumulating knowledge in it and whenever you need you can take it out. It is good for mathematics, good for calculation, good for the day-to-day life, the marketplace.

The intelligence of the heart creates poetry in your life, gives dance to your steps, makes your life a joy, a celebration, a festivity, a laughter. It gives you a sense of humor. It makes you capable of love, of sharing. That is true life. The life that is lived from the head is a mechanical life. You become a robot, maybe very efficient – robots are very efficient, machines are more efficient than man. You can earn much through the head, but you will not live much. You may have a better standard of living but you won’t have any life. Life is of the heart.Mind & heart –Osho

During this retreat we look deeper upon the mechanisms of the mind and we learn techniques to come in touch with the heart and to live from the heart.

The retreat offers:P1100590

  • Daily yoga sessions
  • Daily meditations
  • Lectures about the subject
  • Daily group techniques
  • Games to open the heart

But also

      • Time in nature
      • Nice breaks to get to know the other participants
      • Evening activities such as movies, outdoor activities, …

Start Thursday 25th of May at 2PM – Sunday 28th of May 4PM

Prices: All prices include food, accomodation and teachings
In a 2 persons sleepingroom: €350 (limited places)
In a 4 to 5 persons sleepingroom: €300

If you feel you need more comfort and luxury you can always book a hotelroom or B&B in town. Contact us for the new price in that case.

Please send an email to check the availabilty of the rooms. After the confirmation of your place please transfer an advancement of €50 per person to book your place. The rest of the amount is paid cash upon arrival.