Meditation course in Brussels

Meditation is the key to any success

When: 11/09 (free intro), 25//9, 9/10, 23/10, 13/11, 27/11, 11/12, 15/01, 29/01, 12/02, 26/02
Time: 19:00 – 20:30
Where: Centre Culturel, Rue François Gay 326, 1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre
Price: €130 for a module of 11 courses / €15 for one course
Registration: or 0483 338 166
Teacher: Mihaela Matei & Mihaela Mircea


Meditation is the royal path that leads to perfection, being the foundation of any system of personal development or spiritual path. Meditation is also the key to success in all modern systems of self-teaching such as positive affirmations, personal-development programs for leadership and career orientation, mental training for high performance in sports and so on.

This course will help you act with extreme efficiency, inspiration and originality in everything you do by unleashing the fabulous natural potential that otherwise lies dormant deep in everyone. The step-by-step approach will guide you to take control over your mind, and through it control your entire life and improve your performance in all your areas of interest. And this will create the conditions for the True freedom of the Heart.

Among the effects of this training we mention:
• Improved mental focus
• Significant stress reduction and a relaxed approach to life
• Emotional stability and a constant joyful and optimistic attitude
• Increased creativity, originality and self confidence
• Improved performance and efficiency in everything you do
The course involves down-to-earth explanations of the mechanisms of the mind and provides
accessible practical methods for using these mechanisms to our benefit.

meditationSuccess in meditation requires daily practice; therefore every second week you will receive a short homework that will help you move from theoretical understanding to direct practical experience. There is direct guidance through the practical methods by expert teachers in the class.

The full course counts 7 modules of each 11 sessions, each building upon the previous ones. Every module will be marked with the exceptional offer of an intensive weekend meditation seminar where together with other practitioners and teachers all the methods will be practised and meditation will be deepened.
With constant practice you will be able to achieve a deep, inner peace, enjoy the present moment and experience constantly the overwhelming mystery of spiritual ecstasy.

“Yoga is the stopping of the fluctuations of the mind” –  Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Our teachers are certified at ATMAN Federation for Yoga and Meditation:
Mihaela Mircea, sport teacher, is practising yoga since 15 years. She is dynamic and
enthusiastic and she wishes to share the benefits of practising the yoga meditation by
discovering its profound effects on all the levels of the being.
Mihaela Matei, psychiatrist, practising yoga since 18 years. She uses the ancient traditional
techniques aiming to transform herself and the interested ones in order to become ‘our
best inner being’.

Please bring a yogamat and come in comfortable/sport clothes

You are invited to join this continuous adventure!