4 new women circles: Women&Emotions

Wanneer: 6/02, 20/2, 13/3, 3/4
Tijd:  17u-20u
Waar: Ananda

Prijs: €100/€140
Inschrijven: info@anandayoga.be
Docent: Ruxandra

Why women circles:

Modern or not, mother, daughter, sister, lover… a woman is, before all, a Woman. She needs harmony, femininity, connection, empathy, and refinement. One of the best ways to experience all these is sharing quality time together with other women.

For whom:

These Sunday afternoons are dedicated to women interested in knowing themselves more and more profoundly by getting in contact with their emotions.

Women & Emotions:

Emotions are, generally speaking, way stronger in women than in men; they also come in their case more nuanced and richer. Emotions can be a week point of a woman, if she is led by whatever moods and feelings are generated in herself by environment, relationships, period of the month, period of the year, the moon, the sun, the weather, a movie, a song, a word somebody just said, a thought that she picked up somewhere, the past, the future, you name it… Emotions and feelings can be turned into the one of the most powerful assets a woman has. Did you ever see a woman who is fascinating, strong and soft in the same time, a storm and a breeze, wise but also a child at times… What would be her secret? What is your secret, every time you ARE and FEEL like that? Those circles are an invitation to share, to discover, to talk, to feel, to experience TOGETHER.


The circles can only be followed in its entirety in order to offer a certain safety and continuity.

€100 for Ananda Yoga students enrolled in a Hatha Yoga Course

€140 for all others

Considering the actual measures, the payment will only be done after 28th of January, when you will get a new email with practical details.


We work with a maximum of 21 participants, so make sure to get your place on time.

Send an email at info@anandayoga.be to check availability.